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The simplest way to show Bible References

Just a few clicks and your are set

“bVerse Convert” allows you to turn Bible verses included in your WordPress content into links which will point to a Bible Reference service selected by you. But that is not the only thing it does, “bVerse” also allows you to show those Bible references into a Popover so there is no need to leave your site to read the reference.

Straightforward Options

Don’t sweat! bVerse is just simple. Turn On what you want and what you don’t just leave it off.

Live Demo

bVerse is really simple. All you have to do is write in plain text the Bible reference you want to display or use. After you write the desired Bible reference, “bVerse Convert” will do its magic and will turn the plain text into a link which will lead your visitors to read the verse(s) on the site of the Bible Reference Service selected through the admin panel options.

Have a glimpse of what we explained above. We have given a small example at your right.

bVerse on Action

The following Bible references were written in plain text, but our plugin turned them into active links. This is the same result you will get on your site.

Simple Reference with Book Full Name: Ephesians 1:4

Simple Reference with Book Short Name: Eph 1:4

Reference with Book Full Name and a Range of VersesPsalm 23:1-3

Reference with Book Short Name and a Range of Verses: Psa 23:1-3

You can even Tag non-standard verses using “shortcodes”:

… like we discussed about the Chapter #2 in the v.23

Pretty Simple… Right?

A Simple Plugin, Yet Awesome

Updated regularly so you won’t stop sharing The Gospel through your site.

We will do our best to keep the plugin up-to-date so it always works along with you WordPress site. Hey! We use our own plugin so be confident that it will work and things will go as smooth as possible.

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